The one true Almighty God has created this world and universe. Our beautiful land of Ladakh is a witness to God's mighty and wonderful creation. And He is worthy of praise and thanksgiving for His creation. So let's enjoy some pictures of beautiful Ladakh and give praise and thanks to God!

Indus Valley - Ladakh

Indus Valley southern direction

Leh town at 11,500 ft. (3,500 mt)

Old palace overlooking Leh town

Upper Shey and Lower Thiksey villages

Tsomoriri Lake at 15000 ft.

Pangong Lake [Image by Gautham Navada from Pixabay]

Ladakh - High Altitute Desert

River Indus

River Zangskar near Sarchu

Indus and Zangskar River Confluence ("Sangam") near Leh

Unique mountain outcrop in Ladakh

Leh town - Palace ridge view from North

Leh Bazaar

Thiksey Monastery

Karsha Monastery in Zangskar

Lamayuru village and monastery nestled in high mountains

Ladaksma with prayer wheel

Village in Ladakh in summer

Autumn in Kargil

Autumn blossoms in Ladakh

Leh outskirts under snow

Beautiful Lattice work in Ancestral house built in Olden Architecture style

Ladakh village house

Milking goats (nomads in Changthang)

Yak herd

Prancing Yak

Snow Leopard [Image by Marcel Langthim from Pixabay]

Ice-hockey in Ladakh in winter

Ladakh Lifeline Zojila Pass

གཞན་མའ་ ཕུལ་ཅེས།