Leh Moravian Church - old building (1885)

Leh Moravian Church - new building (2014)

The Moravian Church is one of the oldest protestant Christian denominations.

In the 15th century C.E., in Europe, a group of followers of the Lord Jesus separated from the main church and started a small congregation. They strove to sincerely follow the biblical principles as written in God's Holy Scriptures. Later as they were persecuted, they had to flee their homeland and they reached a region called Moravia. After a few years they found refuge in the town of Herrnhut in Germany, where they flourished and the Moravian Church grew. In the 18th century there was revival in the Moravian Church, because of which many missionaries went to different countries to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the 19th century, 2 Moravian missionaries reached Lahaul valley, near Ladakh and a small congregation was established there. The missionaries and local evangelists often visited Leh town in Ladakh. After a few years, a small congregation was started in Leh, and in 1885 a church was built there, which still stands today. Besides preaching the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ, the missionaries started a school and hospital and did much work for the benefit of the Ladakhi people.

At present there are three Moravian Churches in Ladakh - one in Leh town, one in Shey and one in Khalatse. There are three Moravian schools in Ladakh region besides Moravian churches and schools in other parts of India as a result of Moravian work spreading out from Ladakh.

Church service in Leh

Outside Leh church

Inside the new church building


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